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Future Plan

Raghunathpur Municipality is always striving for the betterment of the citizen life style and hence the
following are the future goals which will be achieved in coming days by the Municipality Authorities:
• To ensure quality safe treated drinking water supply.
• Piped water is to be supplied at 135 lt per capita per day to at least 100% of the municipal area.
• 100% sanitation covered.
• To ensure treated waste water discharge.
• To cover maximum municipal area under drainage network.
• To identify water logged areas in the municipality and to take necessary actions accordingly.
• To ensure proper maintenance for quick draining of storm water.
• Increased 100% coverage of waste collection mechanism form all households and commercial
• To ensure scientific Solid Waste Disposal system.
• For proper drainage system, plinth level of each household is to be raised up to a standard height.
Low open area is to be filled and drainage network with in all slum is to be designed. This system is to
be connected to the main drain network of the ULB. Thus in most cases drainage system will not be
effected without this development.
• significant development in road network in all the slums
• arrangement is to be made with WBSEB to provide electricity to these households
• Community hall and community Seva Kendra to be provided in the vested land.
• To ensure quality safe treated drinking water supply.
• 100% sanitation covered.
• To ensure treated waste water discharge.
• To identify water logged areas in the municipality and to take necessary actions accordingly.
• Increased 100% coverage of waste collection mechanism form all households.
• To ensure scientific Solid Waste Disposal system.
• Measures for having movement through major arterial PWD roads of the municipality.
• Drainage network with nearby panchayet to get rid of water logging problem.
• Infrastructure development for solving power cut problem.
• Increase in number of trains plying through Joychandi station and Improvement of Railway service
along with Station development.
• Development of Children Park.
• Feasibility of publishing the street alignments under the provision of the West Bengal Municipal Act
for widening of the existing major arterial roads would be studied.
• Adequate dispersal facilities would be ensured in the areas of major traffic generations, viz., office
areas, commercial areas, railway station areas, etc.
• All important wetland / water bodies shall be preserved
• Historical/architectural buildings / areas will be conserved.
• While existing gardens / parks / public spaces will be maintained, there will be sincere endeavour to
build more parks, gardens etc
• Renovation & up-gradation of banks of different Dighis.
• To prevent pollution in conformity with WBPCB standard
• To protect different water bodies and river bank from pollution and encroachment
• To protect the existing green cover and to put endeavour for more and more green coverage to
maintain bio-diversity.
• To conduct several awareness building programme for community participation in environmental
risk management
• Protecting contamination in drinking water
• Disaster preparedness
• To preserve the local heritage and culture of the town.
• Strengthening existing institutional structures in the municipality created by the various govt. plans
and programmes such as SJSRY, AAY, IGNOAPS, NFBS Schemes for development of BPL people as well
as minority communities etc.

• To facilitate livelihoods development for the poor of the area convergence of all the existing
programmes operational in the municipal area.
• To increase the coverage, reach and network of existing community structure.
• To provide sustainable livelihood opportunities by identifying innovative micro enterprise
opportunities for the T & C Gs and for the urban poor in the municipality.
• Improving operational transparency of all the schemes targeted for the poverty alleviation.
• To ensure livelihood programmes by arranging training and supply of tool kits for the excluded
groups i.e homeless, homeless squatters and informal squatters who do not receive benefits from
existing govt. schemes/ programmes.
• Facilitating institutional infrastructure towards economic development of the municipal area.
• Provide operational and developmental facilities to ensure growth of large scale and small scale
industries operating in the area.
• Encourage innovative employment generating programmes.
• Ensure sustainable income generating options for the work force of the area.
• To provide better infrastructure and services to the existing local businesses as also to attract more
entrepreneurs to invest in Raghunathpur for further economic growth.
• Extended Immunisation Programme
• Awareness building on Prevention /Control TB, Leprosy, HIV/AIDS, Malaria etc.
• Computerization of issue of Birth and Death certificates
• Training and Sensitization programme for Ward Councillors, CDS, NHCs, NHGs, HHWs and RCVs
• Creation of permanent position of Health Officer
• Primary School student health check up
• Maintenance / upgradation of school infrastructure
• Strengthen Management of school administration .
• Need-based training for the Teachers.
• School Inspection at regular interval.
• Delivery of Government Schemes and Plans in primary schools such as Mid Day Meal
• Evening schools for children who cannot attend schools in normal hours
• Strengthening of SSKs
• Introduction of attractive programme / scheme to motivate Slum children to attend the schools.
• Providing adequate teaching aids, books and teachers to schools.
• Scientific process and systems empowers the organisation for better service delivery
• To prepare the Citizen Interface Plan in order to ensure better service delivery to the citizens.
• Introduction of website for instant interactions
• Awareness building among all citizens.
• NGOs/CBOs and Ward committees to take part in planning, implementation and monitoring of
various projects/ programmes.
• Setting up of Grievance redressal Cells at every Ward office.
• The payment process requires streamlining of system with reduction of process length.
• Categorization of the material in stores for inventory, management is required.
• A system of proper quality check is essential
• Department needs to have a efficient system of monitoring the renewal of trade license issuance in
• There is long drawn lengthy redundant activity in the process for Mutation of property to be
• The ward committees need to identify the areas where these incidents are frequent and involve the
local citizens for the safeguard of the taps.
• it needs detailed analysis of the existing water supply
• to prepare the Citizen Interface Plan in order to provide improved services,

• ward committees, particularly the wards with dense slum areas, will make a campaign to change the
people’s attitude.
• the citizen will keep their biodegradable and non biodegradable solid waste separately so that the
collection of solid waste for recycling will be easier, economical and hazard free.
• The Municipality is actively considering a single window system for licenses so that the citizens can
apply for the licenses without much hindrance.
• Review of Property Tax
• Issue of Provisional Trade License
• Issue of Food License to the unauthorized food stalls.
• Regular and timely payment of bills to avoid penalties.
• Procurement of store items through annual rate contract
• Setting up of Medical shops in vacant area
• Real Estate Development
• Public Private Partnership (PPP) with real estate builders for construction of shopping complexes
and land owned by the municipality.

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