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Birth & Death

The main functions of this department are:

Registration of birth records and interaction with Hospitals, Nursing home etc. for the same.

Issuance of Birth Certificate

Registration of Death and issuance of Death Certificate.

Maintenance of Death and Birth records

Maintenance of the records of crematorium and Burial Ground.

Fees for Birth Certificate & Death Certificate:

Certificate Fees : Rs. 30/-

Late Fees : Rs. 50/- per year

Duplicate Certificate Fees : Rs. 230/-

Application Form Fees : Rs. 10/- per form

(Note: Application Form collect only from Municipality. Photocopy of Application Form is not applicable.)

For getting Birth Certificate & Death Certificate you have to follow the following steps:-

Step 1 : Collect blank Application Form from Municipality.

Step 2 : Fill the Form very carefully in English (Block Letter) and attach require documents with this form.

Step 3 : Submit your Form in Birth & Death Department. After submission of filled up Form this department will give you a date in which you have to collect the certificate. It will takes maximum of 15 days.

Step 4 : Receive your certificate from Municipality, on submission of original Discharge Certificate of the hospital.


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