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'সু স্বাগতম' রঘুনাথপুর পৌরসভা আপনাকে স্বাগত জানায় ,পানীয় জলের অপচয় বন্ধ করুন , সঠিক সময়ে কর প্রদান করুন , রাস্তাঘাট পরিষ্কার পরিচ্ছন্ন রাখুন , উন্নয়নমূলক কাজে পৌরসভার সহিত সহযোগিতা করুন , এলাকায় গাছ লাগান , কোন অভিযোগ থাকলে পৌরসভার সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন । করোনা ভাইরাস সতর্কীকরণ : " সকল রঘুনাথপুর পৌরবাসিগণকে পৌরসভার পক্ষ্য থেকে জানানো হচ্ছে যে অযথা ভয় পাবেন না | সবাই বাড়ির মধ্যে সুস্থ থাকুন | খুব দরকার না হলে বাড়ির বাইরে যাবেন না | সব সময় মাস্ক ব্যবহার করুন | জন সমাবেশ করবেন না ও কাউকে করতেও দেবেন না | নিয়মিত স্যানিটাইজার দিয়ে হাত পরিষ্কার করুন | সর্দি কাশি হলে অবশই ডাক্তার এর পরামর্শ নিন | " পৌর প্রশাসক , রঘুনাথপুর পৌরসভা'নমস্কার'

About Municipality

Raghunathpur is a Municipality city in district of Purulia, West Bengal. It is one of the oldest municipalities in West Bengal. It was established in 1888.  The Municipality is divided into 13 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. The Raghunathpur Municipality has population of 25,561 of which 13,194 are males while 12,367 are females as per report released by Census India 2011.

Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 2679 which is 10.48 % of total population of Raghunathpur (M). In Raghunathpur Municipality, Female Sex Ratio is of 937 against state average of 950. Moreover Child Sex Ratio in Raghunathpur is around 923 compared to West Bengal state average of 956. Literacy rate of Raghunathpur city is 77.07 % higher than state average of 76.26 %. In Raghunathpur, Male literacy is around 84.96 % while female literacy rate is 68.67 %.

Raghunathpur Municipality has total administration over 4,792 houses to which it supplies basic amenities like water and sewerage. It is also authorize to build roads within Raghunathpur Municipality limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction. Currently our website doesn’t have information on schools and hospital located within Raghunathpur.

Chairperson, Board of Administration

“It is a great honour and pleasure to be a part of this glorious municipality for me who signed in the 130 years of establishment. One of the oldest municipality in the district, has made many changes in this whole district and has achieved many milestones. With the help of active co-operation from the citizen, this municipality has always emerged as an able and powerful organization for effective delivery and good governance.”

Shri Tarani Bauri
Chairperson, Board of Administration
Raghunathpur Municipality

Members, Board of Administration

“We want our municipality to be an economically self sufficient, environmentally clean and green urban area having concrete road with sufficient streetlights where our citizens will have healthy surroundings, sufficient quantity of wholesome water, good drainage and sanitary system and also sufficient health care facilities, education as well as the cultural / sports facilities”

Shri Basudev Tewari
Members, Board of Administration
Raghunathpur Municipality

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