Chairman Desk

Raghunathpur Municipality is always a step ahead in adapting the technical aids for the betterment of human life as well as official activities to advance the citizen’s lifestyle. At a minute juncture of the past and present, I am really glad to present a state of the art website portal of the municipality to everyone coming under the umbrella of my municipality. My blissful thanks to my fellow staffs and officials associated with the municipality for their endeavor to have achieved this goal of creating a portal which will be bridge of information sharing between the municipality and the citizens of the municipality. While developing this website portal we had always in mind an emphasized concern about the information transparency and performance efficiency. The Website will be the future of any kind of subscription, documentation, application and collection of information which in turn will reduce the paper usage and catalyze the concept the virtual storage. I request people of Raghunathpur and anyone who wants to know about our municipality activities to register their email address and mobile number into the website so that we can reach you for informing any developments in municipality activities.

At the end, I really hope that this municipality website will be a great tool for every individual’s life who want to keep themselves updated with everything happening around them within the city of Raghunathpur. I also request you to send your valued suggestions through the website. Your voice means a lot to me. Thanking all my Co-citizens.


Raghunathpur Municipality

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