The main functions of this department are:

  • To keep Personal File of all Municipal Employees (Regular).
  • To maintain the Service Book of all Municipal Employees (Regular).
  • To prepare Annual Increment List of all Permanent Employees.
  • To issue retirement notice to the retiring employees.
  • To prepare report regarding Gratuity and Pension.
  • To forward Pension Papers to the office of the DPPG. to obtain Pension.
  • To give reply to the office of the DPPG against their observation, if any.
  • To maintain Appointment record, Promotion matter and Transfer matter etc.
  • To keep record in awarding CAS benefit to the Municipal employees.
  • To take Option Form and prepare IPF statement and prepare fixation of pay and getting it verified from the office of DLB.
  • To maintain Municipal staff strength including vacancy position.
  • To keep record in giving financial benefit/allowances as per Government order.
  • To prepare file in Die-in-harness cases as per Govt. Order.
  • To prepare different letters in giving replies to the DLB and M.A Department.
  • To maintain the file of Govt. Officers like E.O, F.O, H.O, and the Assistant Engineer and prepare their working certificate.
  • To maintain Gradation List of the Employees.
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